Because of our specialization in using automation i.e. InDesign Script, Photoshop Actions, and adopting the most advanced technology, we assure you to give you the best competitive price as follows:

Simple Typesetting : 1 Euro per page: One or Two Column job with Images, and Running Text. (i.e. History Books, Biography, Novels)

Medium Typesetting : 3 Euro per page: Running Text with Tables, Figures, Boxes (i.e. Auto-cad Book, Religious Books, Multilingual Instruction Manual and Books)

Complex Typesetting : 7 Euro per page: Running Text with Heavy Tables, Figures, Boxes, Math Equations (i.e. Accounting, Mathematical Books)

* Rates includes one corrections round.

* Rates could vary according to the complexity of the jobs.

* Final rates will be given after finalization the sample and analyzing.

Different Level of Typesetting Projects:

Please send input/row material to give an exact price/quote. We will typeset sample pages so that you can analyze our quality standards. There would be no cost for creating a sample till March 31, 2023.

Please send an email to get quote at