Typesetting Company



Because of having specialization of using atomization i.e. InDesign Script, Photoshop Actions, and adopting most advance technology, we assure you to give the best competitive price.


Please send your input/row material to give exact price/quote. We will also send typeset sample pages so that you can analyze our quality standard. There would be not cost for creating sample till March 31, 2019.


Our standard Rates are as follows:

1 Euro per page for Level 1: One or Two Color Job with Images, and Running Text. (i.e. History Books, Biography, Novels)

2 Euro per page for Level 2: Running Text with Flotting Elements i.e. Tables, Figures, Boxes (i.e. Auto-cad Book, Religious Books, Multilingual Books)

5 Euro per page for Level 3: Running Text with Flotting Elements i.e. Heavy Tables, Figures, Boxes, Math Equations (i.e. Accounting, History Books)


Please download these two pages for rate list and different level of jobs

                 RATE LIST

                 LEVEL OF JOBS



Please note these rates could be less or more according the complexity of the jobs.




Why Us?

Professionalism! Working with non-professionals can be a negative experience. Schedule delays can result from unforeseen circumstances, quality assurance measures may not be in place, and contacting competent people can prove difficult. When you work with Publication Services, you are working with an entire team of industry professionals.

Training today to meet the challenges of tomorrow! Our ability to deliver effective training experiences makes you a competitive candidate for job opportunities. We provide advanced training courses for a wide range of Typesetting, InDesign, Quark, Proofreading, We train both candidates as well as working professionals and units applying our knowledge and experience to support their stated objectives. Online Courses are also offered at our website's training division.

Understanding! Over more than ten years of experience in Typesetting and Layouting Training, we know what is the need of publishing service industry so we can give a better training.

Consistent Improving and Consistency! By following consistent improving and high-quality training standards to ensure that our candidates are capable to handle all the job on time with excellent quality. Even after completing the training we provide the resources as per demand

Communication and Soft Skill Training! We provide communication training to our employees so that they can understand the requirement/needs of clients.