Typesetting Company

Chapter 1:   Typesetting Procedure ( Download Typesetting Procedure PDF)





Chapter 2:   Element of Books ( Download Element of Books PDF)

Front Matter

Body Matter

Back Matter


Chapter 3-4:   Typography and Proofreading ( Download Typography and Proofreading PDF)


Type of Errors

Typesetting Guidelines

International Proofreading Marking/Symbols

Internationals Copyediting Marking/Symbols

Bad Breaks

Workflow for Proofreading

Checklist for Proofreaders


Chapter 5:   Font Management ( Download Font Management PDF)

Where Mac OS X sotre system Fonts

Which fonts are necessory to Mac OS X

Manual Cleanup System Fonts


Chapter 3:   XML in Indesign ( Download XML in Indesign PDF)

XML Structure

Import XML Files

Apply XML tags

Mapping tags and styles

Use the Sturcture pane


Chapter 9:   Powermath_Xpressmath ( Download Powermath_Xpressmath PDF)

Pi Character Procedure

Integral Procedure

Summation Procedure

Radical Procedure

Stack Limits

Macro Selector



Case Fractions

Math Rules


Force Level



Chapter 10:   Know Your G5 Mac ( Download Know Your G5 Mac PDF)

iMac G5

Inserting a CD or DVD Disc

Front View of iMac G5

Back View of iMac G5

Desktop of iMac G5

Keyboard of G5 Symbol


Pica Scale   Biotics's Pica Scale ( Download pica scale PDF)