Typesetting Company

WEEK 1 (Download Indesign Training_Week 1 PDF)

Day 1:   Typesetting Introduction

Intro about Typesetting Industry

Typesetting Process

Types of Books

Standard Style Naming Convention

(Download Exercise-Day 1.zip)


Day 2:   Grid and Typography


Technical Terms


Day 3:   Working with PDFs

Type of PDFs: Embedded.Non Embedded, Scan or Editable

Extracting Text and Image from PDFs

Extracting Specification: Color, Font, Font Size



Day 4:   Math Type- Equation Editor

Create Equations

(Download Exercise-Day 4.zip)


Day 5:   Indesign Basics

How to Create New Document

The Indesign Main Window (Workspace)


Control Pallete


WEEK 2 (Download Indesign Training_Week 2 PDF)

Day 6:   Placing Files, Style, Master

Placing Word/Text Files in Indesign

Insert Pagfes, Apply Master

Making Master Item a Page Item (Overriding)

Manual/Auto Flowing Text

Apply Paragraph and Character Style

Different between regular space and Tab

Insert Images: In-line and Non-In-line

Day 7:   Page

Creatiing Master Pages

Automatic Page Number, Sections

Moving Pages/Master to Current/Other Document

Master Option: Name a Master, Based on Master Option etc.


Day 8:   Colors, Swatches, Tint and Gradiant

Swatched vs Color




Spot Color

Mixing of Swatches/Colors/Spot Colors

Day 9:   Styles

Character and Paragraph Sytles

Nested Style

Editing Style

Day 10:   Formatting Paragraphs


Alignment and Indents

Story Editor

Multiple Column Text Frames


WEEK 3 (Download Indesign Training_Week 3 PDF)

Day 11:   Find/Change

Find/Change Overview

GREP Find/Change

Day 12:   Layers and Anchogreen Objects

Working with Layers

Anchor Objects

Text Wrap

Step and Repeat

Grouping and Ungrouping

Object Styles

Day 13:   Fonts and Links

Links, Re-link, Update Link, Edit Original

Find Font (Font Usages)

Tracking vs Kerning

Hyphenation and Justification

Day 14:   Tables

What is a Table

Create a Table in Indesign

Cell Style

Table Style

Converting Text to Table

Importing Table from Word and Excel Files

Day 15:   Tables

Table Options

Cell Options


WEEK 4 (Download Indesign Training_Week 4 PDF)

Day 16:   Pre-Fligting and Package

Preflight and Package


Day 17:   Footnotes

Insert Footnotes

Document Footnote Options

Day 18:   Table of Contents

Table of Content Style

Table of Contents

Update Table of Contents

Day 19:   Book

Book Files

Synchronize Book File

Creating PDF by Book

Creating Package, Preflighting by Book

Day 20:   Indexing




WEEK 5 (Download Indesign Training_Week 5 PDF)

Day 21:   Liabrary, Info Palette, Effects


Info Pallete


Day 22:   Baseline Grid

The Baseline Grid

Day 23:   Slug and Bleed, Printing Options

What is Slug Area and Bleed

How to Print Slug and Bleed

Creating Different types of PDFs by Indesign

Day 24:   Preferences

Indesign Preferences

Day 25:   Use of Inx files, Scripting

Exporting Indesign document as .inx fle

Benefit of .inx files




Exercise 1   (Download Exercise-1.zip)