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Do you find yourself repeating the same mind numbing tasks over and over again?

Face it, managing hundreds of documents and thousand page catalogs is not easy. Repetition saps you of creative energy and invites mistakes. Do not suffer any longer. Scripted Publishing can provide you with custom scripts that you run right inside InDesign or other Adobe CS applications

Scripting repetitive actions will free you to design more creatively and spend less time tending to mundane details.

Affordable Custom Scripting

Do you need a publishing process scripted, but are not sure how to implement the details? InDesign scripting is powerful but can also be overwhelming, do not let frustration stop you. Let the experts from Scripted Publishing provide you with a custom solution, so you can immediately begin saving time and money. We offer free estimates for custom scripting.

Scripting is an extremely powerful tool and Adobe CS products have strong scripting support. But most design houses do not have an on-staff programmer. Scripted Publishing aims to quickly provide scripting solutions on budget, saving end users time, money and frustration.

  • Quick turnaround
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cross platform, scripts work with Windows and Mac
  • Licensed for up to 5 users, additional licenses available
  • Almost anything can be scripted
  • Scripting will save you money, time and ensure consistency.

Almost anything in InDesign can be scripted. Let your imagination run wild and prepare to reap the benefits!!!

Scripting Examples with Demo Downloads

  • Search a group of separate documents for overset tables or stories.
  • Identify and modify text based on a specific font or style.
  • Search and replace on text, images or specific InDesign elements.
  • Batch import/export of elements or entire documents.
  • Automatically replace master spreads.
  • Style tables and cells
  • Rename document file names based on document content.
  • Move all graphics to one layer and all text to another.
  • Reporting tools, such as counting lines, images etc.
  • Resize page elements (graphics, text frames, etc.)
  • Modify case of specific text.
  • Automatically relink images.
  • Batch group, ungroup lock and unlock objects.
  • Control text flows
  • Modify InDesign graphics properties (stroke width, fill color, etc.)

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